Leaning out in a post-COVID world

A few years ago, Sheryl Sandberg encouraged women to stay the course – to not abandon their corporate careers. To lean in to their professional identity. I’ve been thinking about this rallying cry, as it pertains to my own happiness and achievement, lately. If we all collectively lean in to success and ambitions will weContinue reading “Leaning out in a post-COVID world”

FOMO and the World

At any given time I have several trips to Disney World in the back of my mind. I monitor the resale market for Disney Vacation Club sales. I read several Disney World news sites almost every morning. I would probably be qualified as an obsessive. The reality is that I find it soothing and relaxingContinue reading “FOMO and the World”

What are we doing?

I find myself wondering lately about what we’re doing. How soon can we get back to normal? What is normal? Should we be trying to get back to normal? How can we go back to normal given the horrible fault lines and ugly attitudes displayed lately. Am I a bad person because I’m thinking aboutContinue reading “What are we doing?”

Learning to say “No.”

No is a complete sentence. Jane Fonda, Harvard Business Review I chose the cover image because it looks like I’m telling Mary Poppins off. I’m definitely not. But if you can say “No” to Mary Poppins at Disney World, you can probably say it to anyone. I’ve been working on saying “no” lately. It’s reallyContinue reading “Learning to say “No.””

A smart girl’s lament

Trigger warning: some discussion of sexual assault and details of rape. I have a smart girl’s belief in my own abilities coupled with a smart girl’s deep and abiding sense that I am not good enough. I have always thought that I could become good at anything if I were to give it my wholeContinue reading “A smart girl’s lament”

Loving kindness to myself

I think nearly every day about shame. As a therapist, I see it in so many of my clients – people living with, and consumed by, shame. Often I have clients who are emotional eaters come to see me, completely preoccupied with negative thoughts about themselves and their bodies. They resist and refuse to releaseContinue reading “Loving kindness to myself”

Self inventory

I’ve been thinking about connection and loneliness lately. I have always considered myself an extrovert, energized by spending time with people and pretty willing to entertain a crowd. As I get older, though, I find myself feeling less and less inclined to have a large circle of friends and acquaintances. When we’re around people atContinue reading “Self inventory”

Stickier emotions…making life worth living

Sadness, worry, embarrassment, guilt. These are all ordinary emotions that all of us experience almost every day. We experience them to varying degrees and cope with them in various ways. The emotions themselves are not good or bad. They just are. It’s not bad to be sad when something terrible happens. It’s not wrong toContinue reading “Stickier emotions…making life worth living”