Shame and uncertainty

I watched that video of the interaction in Central Park between a man politely asking a woman to put her dog on a leash and her extraordinarily inappropriate and dangerous over-reaction and thought of one thing. Shame. I watch videos of grown people throwing tantrums in grocery stores about being asked to wear a mask.Continue reading “Shame and uncertainty”

Loving kindness to myself

I think nearly every day about shame. As a therapist, I see it in so many of my clients – people living with, and consumed by, shame. Often I have clients who are emotional eaters come to see me, completely preoccupied with negative thoughts about themselves and their bodies. They resist and refuse to releaseContinue reading “Loving kindness to myself”

Anger and shame

When I’m working through an emotional diagram with clients, we start with the facts of the situation, then we identify the emotion they were feeling. Often the first emotion they identify is anger, frustration, or annoyance. It’s only when pushed that they can move beneath the anger to the emotion they actually felt first –Continue reading “Anger and shame”

What’s with today, today…

Happy Monday! Mondays are a long ay for me at work. Sometimes, when scheduling kid activities, I forget this and over commit for after work on Mondays. Orthodontist at 3:30? Of course, no problem. I don’t know why I didn’t remember that we have piano on the other side of town at 4 on MondaysContinue reading “What’s with today, today…”