I’m catastophizing

Those are some powerful words that I work to teach many of my clients. They’re powerful because they can take you out of the spin of anxiety and depression and help you to step back and see how the worst thoughts you have are not necessarily the only or most likely thoughts to be trueContinue reading “I’m catastophizing”

Frustration and tolerance

I wanted to shift things around on my homepage today and found myself lost in a morass of competing prompts and confusing directions. It’s still not how I want it to look. Do you ever find yourself setting out to do “one quick thing” before settling in to do what you actually wanted to accomplishContinue reading “Frustration and tolerance”

Stickier emotions…making life worth living

Sadness, worry, embarrassment, guilt. These are all ordinary emotions that all of us experience almost every day. We experience them to varying degrees and cope with them in various ways. The emotions themselves are not good or bad. They just are. It’s not bad to be sad when something terrible happens. It’s not wrong toContinue reading “Stickier emotions…making life worth living”


“Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.” Voltaire I have never liked roller coasters. On my first visit to Disney World, my parents and I waited for 2 hours to ride Space Mountain. I was around 10. I stood there, palms sweaty, heart beat racing. Ready to ride. Completely terrified. WhenContinue reading “Uncertainty”