Extraordinary in an ordinary life

It is important to set goals to keep oneself motivated and moving forward. When we are young, those goals are obvious – graduate from high school, make the varsity team, get accepted into a college, buy a house, get married, get pregnant. But what are your personal goals when you’ve achieved the obvious milestones ofContinue reading “Extraordinary in an ordinary life”

Leaning out in a post-COVID world

A few years ago, Sheryl Sandberg encouraged women to stay the course – to not abandon their corporate careers. To lean in to their professional identity. I’ve been thinking about this rallying cry, as it pertains to my own happiness and achievement, lately. If we all collectively lean in to success and ambitions will weContinue reading “Leaning out in a post-COVID world”

An interesting event and musings on freedom…

We had an interesting and “exciting” event happen last night. We were awakened at 11PM to the sound of screeching tires and the bright, insistent blue and red flash of police lights. It seems someone (or someones, since – spoiler alert – they weren’t caught) stole a car and, when chased, turned mistakenly down ourContinue reading “An interesting event and musings on freedom…”

Imposter syndrome and female leadership

I have recently noticed a trend amongst my female clients. When offered an opportunity for a promotion or a new challenge, they frequently hesitate to accept it because of worries about how they will be perceived in this new position or activity. They worry about whether they will be able to master the new challengesContinue reading “Imposter syndrome and female leadership”

Fall and the things we keep…

It’s fall in Houston. Such as it is. Houston’s summer and fall are merged into one hot, muggy, sweaty time interspersed with the periodic and overarching terror of hurricane season. Texans watch the windows for signs of rain, check the radar hopefully each morning, and discuss a coming “cold front” in tones suggestive of aContinue reading “Fall and the things we keep…”

Reality Acceptance, Relationships, and Middle School in Quarantine.

I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been working with a lot of clients about reality acceptance. I know this is where I could go in the COVID direction, but I’m talking about it with clients as it relates to their relationships so that’s what I want to focus on here. In relationships, we often have resentmentsContinue reading “Reality Acceptance, Relationships, and Middle School in Quarantine.”

FOMO and the World

At any given time I have several trips to Disney World in the back of my mind. I monitor the resale market for Disney Vacation Club sales. I read several Disney World news sites almost every morning. I would probably be qualified as an obsessive. The reality is that I find it soothing and relaxingContinue reading “FOMO and the World”

What are we doing?

I find myself wondering lately about what we’re doing. How soon can we get back to normal? What is normal? Should we be trying to get back to normal? How can we go back to normal given the horrible fault lines and ugly attitudes displayed lately. Am I a bad person because I’m thinking aboutContinue reading “What are we doing?”

Anxiety and the Police

I have been thinking about anxiety and uncertainty recently. Mostly this is because it is hurricane season in Texas and we’ve been grappling with a near-miss over the last 24 hours with a hurricane approaching the coast and, after that, our city. Securing patio furniture, ensuring we have fuel for the generator, planning for waysContinue reading “Anxiety and the Police”