An interesting event and musings on freedom…

We had an interesting and “exciting” event happen last night. We were awakened at 11PM to the sound of screeching tires and the bright, insistent blue and red flash of police lights. It seems someone (or someones, since – spoiler alert – they weren’t caught) stole a car and, when chased, turned mistakenly down ourContinue reading “An interesting event and musings on freedom…”

What are we doing?

I find myself wondering lately about what we’re doing. How soon can we get back to normal? What is normal? Should we be trying to get back to normal? How can we go back to normal given the horrible fault lines and ugly attitudes displayed lately. Am I a bad person because I’m thinking aboutContinue reading “What are we doing?”

Anxiety and the Police

I have been thinking about anxiety and uncertainty recently. Mostly this is because it is hurricane season in Texas and we’ve been grappling with a near-miss over the last 24 hours with a hurricane approaching the coast and, after that, our city. Securing patio furniture, ensuring we have fuel for the generator, planning for waysContinue reading “Anxiety and the Police”

Mental Health and Policing

I’m putting up front that I’m talking about police and mental health specifically here, I’m not getting into systemic racism and violence. Nor am I reaching the militarization of police departments leading to over-reactions to protest and ordinary acts of civil disobedience. Those are topics for another time. As a trainee counselor, I was soContinue reading “Mental Health and Policing”