FOMO and the World

At any given time I have several trips to Disney World in the back of my mind. I monitor the resale market for Disney Vacation Club sales. I read several Disney World news sites almost every morning. I would probably be qualified as an obsessive. The reality is that I find it soothing and relaxingContinue reading “FOMO and the World”

Sandpipers among the waves

Our family has just returned from our one week vacation from the four walls of our house. I was reminded how much a change of scenery can jar you out of your established routine and force attention on small actions and activities. Even if that change of scenery is mostly just a different house forContinue reading “Sandpipers among the waves”

Personal Best & Worst Disney World Attractions

I was listening to a podcast today on my run about the best and worst of Walt Disney World. They were personal favorites of the hosts and it started me thinking about my own personal best and worst list. So much of what I love about the happiest place on earth is determined by theContinue reading “Personal Best & Worst Disney World Attractions”

Vacation planning

I’m getting to that point where I’m starting to jones a bit for a trip to Disney World. We don’t have our next trip planned and it feels weird not to have something working. It’s a pretty expensive hobby. Planning trips to Disney World is a sort of shared psychosis in my husband’s family thatContinue reading “Vacation planning”

They will not make it to Canada…

Disney is in the title of this blog. I don’t think it’s a secret that I love all things Disney World. It’s not an uncomplicated love, in that I know there are things that Disney could improve upon, but it’s still a pretty straightforward enjoyment of all things Disney World related. When I’m stressed andContinue reading “They will not make it to Canada…”