Anxiety and the Police

I have been thinking about anxiety and uncertainty recently. Mostly this is because it is hurricane season in Texas and we’ve been grappling with a near-miss over the last 24 hours with a hurricane approaching the coast and, after that, our city. Securing patio furniture, ensuring we have fuel for the generator, planning for waysContinue reading “Anxiety and the Police”

The Next Right Thing

I like to listen to podcasts while I run. I started this when I started running because listening to a podcast about Disney World helped me to feel motivated to continue running because it reminded me of my, then, imminent trip to the Disney for a runDisney event. In fact, the podcast that I listenedContinue reading “The Next Right Thing”

A smart girl’s lament

Trigger warning: some discussion of sexual assault and details of rape. I have a smart girl’s belief in my own abilities coupled with a smart girl’s deep and abiding sense that I am not good enough. I have always thought that I could become good at anything if I were to give it my wholeContinue reading “A smart girl’s lament”

How to make the girls alright?

I’ve been thinking about the things we tell girls about their place in the world. About the beliefs that girls have about themselves and their worth. Mostly I’ve been thinking this because as a mother of two (!!) teen/tween daughters, I am confronted every day with doubts about what they need to learn and howContinue reading “How to make the girls alright?”

Self inventory

I’ve been thinking about connection and loneliness lately. I have always considered myself an extrovert, energized by spending time with people and pretty willing to entertain a crowd. As I get older, though, I find myself feeling less and less inclined to have a large circle of friends and acquaintances. When we’re around people atContinue reading “Self inventory”

Therapist….heal thyself.

Here’s a thing I’ve noticed about being a therapist – the same things tend to come up in session after session. Those things are different week to week, but techniques and subject matters seem to repeat. I’m pretty sure that’s a reflection of my own stuff and what I’m hearing/listening for at any given time.Continue reading “Therapist….heal thyself.”

Emotions with a point…

I’ve been thinking about mental health a lot lately. We use words like diagnosis and disorder pretty freely in working with clients. We’re trained in school to think in terms of pathology and symptoms. To look for disorder or illness. To search for dysfunction. In my DBT skills group the other day, we started talkingContinue reading “Emotions with a point…”

The tyranny of the blank page – ALSO controlled breathing skill training

Today was a difficult one for a lot of different goals. For example, it’s 10:12PM and I’m just now sitting down trying to figure out what I want to write. I also woke up at 4AM, my heart racing and my breath short – for no reason that I can come up with, other thanContinue reading “The tyranny of the blank page – ALSO controlled breathing skill training”

Enough is enough

Football was one of the first professional sports that I really enjoyed watching. I loved the story lines and the ease of understanding it. I didn’t really play team sports as a child. I didn’t have time. I was a figure skater. I lived at the rink. Three hours before school and another three afterContinue reading “Enough is enough”

Self care and waiting

Running has been difficult lately. We’ve been busy with back to school and birthday craziness (second rainbow cake finished and halfway consumed). And it’s been hot. I have a lot of very good, logical reasons why I haven’t been great about putting on my shoes and heading outside for an hour. But the truth isContinue reading “Self care and waiting”