About Me

I believe that travel is a way for us to meet ourselves and to explore new ways of thinking and living. Travel is an ambition and a goal that can motivate change and growth.

I am a therapist specializing in helping people who feel out of control of their emotions and lives.   

I am also a recovered corporate lawyer who could not get far enough away from Big Law fast enough. I am also a runner and a lover of travel and, as must have been evident from the blog name, a lover of Disney (particularly Disney World).

I am a mother of two wonderful girls who often have to yell at me that they “DON’T NEED THERAPY”.  

I am the wife of a charming and intelligent man who is well able to handle his own work and interests.

In other words, I am a woman with a great deal of advice and thoughts to share but no audience to hear them (sad truth to those  who don’t know, therapists don’t really get to offer advice).

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