Collective trauma

I wrote yesterday about the things that clients often say and I felt worried after I finished it about how frustrated the tone was. I wasn’t even aware of how frustrated and tired I was feeling. I took a nap yesterday afternoon after I finished with clients and I slept for two hours. Hard. That’sContinue reading “Collective trauma”

Therapist thoughts…

There are certain things that therapists hear from significant numbers of their clients. I’m not arguing that clients are all experiencing the same things or that they even mean the same things when they say the same words. As a therapist, it’s my job to meet clients where they are and to take them atContinue reading “Therapist thoughts…”

The me in the shadows.

I think we’re all in the process of building our own narratives at all times. We’re drafting the story of who we are and how we want others to see us. Crafting our image and caring for its upkeep is a full time pre-occupation. Sometimes I wonder if we’re more devoted to what we wantContinue reading “The me in the shadows.”

Scaffolding and self construction

Sometimes it’s hard to know what clients want from me. Actually, it’s not hard to know what they want – it’s just sometimes absolutely impossible to give it to them. I think they want a magic wand. They want to feel better so desperately that they want me to be able to sprinkle some pixieContinue reading “Scaffolding and self construction”

Parenting therapy

Clients often seem worried that I will judge them for the things they say in session. I have a resting disgruntled face so I have to remain conscious of my expression during session to avoid giving them any inadvertent evidence that this is true. The reality is that I’m very rarely judging, mostly I’m reacting.Continue reading “Parenting therapy”

Self inventory

I’ve been thinking about connection and loneliness lately. I have always considered myself an extrovert, energized by spending time with people and pretty willing to entertain a crowd. As I get older, though, I find myself feeling less and less inclined to have a large circle of friends and acquaintances. When we’re around people atContinue reading “Self inventory”

Therapist….heal thyself.

Here’s a thing I’ve noticed about being a therapist – the same things tend to come up in session after session. Those things are different week to week, but techniques and subject matters seem to repeat. I’m pretty sure that’s a reflection of my own stuff and what I’m hearing/listening for at any given time.Continue reading “Therapist….heal thyself.”