Reality Acceptance, Relationships, and Middle School in Quarantine.

I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been working with a lot of clients about reality acceptance. I know this is where I could go in the COVID direction, but I’m talking about it with clients as it relates to their relationships so that’s what I want to focus on here. In relationships, we often have resentmentsContinue reading “Reality Acceptance, Relationships, and Middle School in Quarantine.”

“Back” to school?

Both of my kids have gone back to school now. I say “gone back” because that’s the figure of speech we always use to describe returning to the educational environment and not because they’ve actually, well, gone, anywhere. They, along with my husband and I, have embarked on an online school odyssey of online platforms,Continue reading ““Back” to school?”

Scaffolding and self construction

Sometimes it’s hard to know what clients want from me. Actually, it’s not hard to know what they want – it’s just sometimes absolutely impossible to give it to them. I think they want a magic wand. They want to feel better so desperately that they want me to be able to sprinkle some pixieContinue reading “Scaffolding and self construction”

Parenting therapy

Clients often seem worried that I will judge them for the things they say in session. I have a resting disgruntled face so I have to remain conscious of my expression during session to avoid giving them any inadvertent evidence that this is true. The reality is that I’m very rarely judging, mostly I’m reacting.Continue reading “Parenting therapy”

Vulnerability and self-disclosure

I’ve been writing parent questionnaire responses for Number 71’s middle school applications. It’s actually my favorite part of the process – getting to sit down and really think about how to encapsulate a person I love so well in a way that allows others to love her too. It’s a lot like writing a celebrityContinue reading “Vulnerability and self-disclosure”