An interesting event and musings on freedom…

We had an interesting and “exciting” event happen last night. We were awakened at 11PM to the sound of screeching tires and the bright, insistent blue and red flash of police lights. It seems someone (or someones, since – spoiler alert – they weren’t caught) stole a car and, when chased, turned mistakenly down ourContinue reading “An interesting event and musings on freedom…”

“Back” to school?

Both of my kids have gone back to school now. I say “gone back” because that’s the figure of speech we always use to describe returning to the educational environment and not because they’ve actually, well, gone, anywhere. They, along with my husband and I, have embarked on an online school odyssey of online platforms,Continue reading ““Back” to school?”

Mastering a new kind of back-to-school…

My youngest had several zoom orientation sessions for her school year, which starts tomorrow. She’s entering sixth grade, which in Texas in middle school, and is at a new school. Learning to manage a new school, trying to meet other kids at a new school, and trying to understand the expectations and processes of virtualContinue reading “Mastering a new kind of back-to-school…”

A great big beautiful tomorrow???

I am jonesing bad for a trip to Disney World. We had a trip planned for Spring Break this year – three days/nights at Universal Orlando and then 4 days/nights at Disney World. We were pretty excited. That trip was canceled two days before we would have left due to COVID. We knew it wasContinue reading “A great big beautiful tomorrow???”

Collective trauma

I wrote yesterday about the things that clients often say and I felt worried after I finished it about how frustrated the tone was. I wasn’t even aware of how frustrated and tired I was feeling. I took a nap yesterday afternoon after I finished with clients and I slept for two hours. Hard. That’sContinue reading “Collective trauma”

Therapist thoughts…

There are certain things that therapists hear from significant numbers of their clients. I’m not arguing that clients are all experiencing the same things or that they even mean the same things when they say the same words. As a therapist, it’s my job to meet clients where they are and to take them atContinue reading “Therapist thoughts…”