Reality Acceptance, Relationships, and Middle School in Quarantine.

I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been working with a lot of clients about reality acceptance. I know this is where I could go in the COVID direction, but I’m talking about it with clients as it relates to their relationships so that’s what I want to focus on here. In relationships, we often have resentmentsContinue reading “Reality Acceptance, Relationships, and Middle School in Quarantine.”

“Back” to school?

Both of my kids have gone back to school now. I say “gone back” because that’s the figure of speech we always use to describe returning to the educational environment and not because they’ve actually, well, gone, anywhere. They, along with my husband and I, have embarked on an online school odyssey of online platforms,Continue reading ““Back” to school?”

How to make the girls alright?

I’ve been thinking about the things we tell girls about their place in the world. About the beliefs that girls have about themselves and their worth. Mostly I’ve been thinking this because as a mother of two (!!) teen/tween daughters, I am confronted every day with doubts about what they need to learn and howContinue reading “How to make the girls alright?”

Certainly uncertain

Uncertainty is uncomfortable for human beings. I think we like to know what’s going to happen. To be certain of what to expect and when to expect it. The unfortunate reality is that life ISN’T certain. A fact which makes me and many of my clients uncomfortable. I remember thinking a lot last year aboutContinue reading “Certainly uncertain”

Serenity Now!!!

When I was younger, I loved the first day of school. I loved picking out school supplies; choosing the perfect first day of school outfit at the mall; and the smell of new backpacks and those highlighter markers that smell like blueberries. I couldn’t wait to see my friends after a long summer (even theContinue reading “Serenity Now!!!”

Meeting people where they are

We have two children. Both girls, turning 10 and 12. To protect their privacy, I’ll call them number 71 (for my younger one, the soccer player) and the dancer (my big girl, starting seventh grade, with all of the drama and glory that goes along with it). They have been a lesson in reality acceptanceContinue reading “Meeting people where they are”