Fall and the things we keep…

It’s fall in Houston. Such as it is. Houston’s summer and fall are merged into one hot, muggy, sweaty time interspersed with the periodic and overarching terror of hurricane season. Texans watch the windows for signs of rain, check the radar hopefully each morning, and discuss a coming “cold front” in tones suggestive of aContinue reading “Fall and the things we keep…”

The me in the shadows.

I think we’re all in the process of building our own narratives at all times. We’re drafting the story of who we are and how we want others to see us. Crafting our image and caring for its upkeep is a full time pre-occupation. Sometimes I wonder if we’re more devoted to what we wantContinue reading “The me in the shadows.”

Post traumatic stressful memories

It’s funny the things we hold onto from various experiences. There are things I said in middle school that rise to the surface of my consciousness from time to time and still have the power to make me cringe. Conversations I had that could have gone better. Things I thought I needed that were detrimentalContinue reading “Post traumatic stressful memories”