Mastering a new kind of back-to-school…

My youngest had several zoom orientation sessions for her school year, which starts tomorrow. She’s entering sixth grade, which in Texas in middle school, and is at a new school. Learning to manage a new school, trying to meet other kids at a new school, and trying to understand the expectations and processes of virtualContinue reading “Mastering a new kind of back-to-school…”

Learning to say “No.”

No is a complete sentence. Jane Fonda, Harvard Business Review I chose the cover image because it looks like I’m telling Mary Poppins off. I’m definitely not. But if you can say “No” to Mary Poppins at Disney World, you can probably say it to anyone. I’ve been working on saying “no” lately. It’s reallyContinue reading “Learning to say “No.””

The Next Right Thing

I like to listen to podcasts while I run. I started this when I started running because listening to a podcast about Disney World helped me to feel motivated to continue running because it reminded me of my, then, imminent trip to the Disney for a runDisney event. In fact, the podcast that I listenedContinue reading “The Next Right Thing”

A smart girl’s lament

Trigger warning: some discussion of sexual assault and details of rape. I have a smart girl’s belief in my own abilities coupled with a smart girl’s deep and abiding sense that I am not good enough. I have always thought that I could become good at anything if I were to give it my wholeContinue reading “A smart girl’s lament”

Screaming for billable hours

Law firms are not institutions inclined toward change or designed to change rapidly.  Most are partnerships and in order to be a partner, legally, one must be a lawyer.  Non-lawyers cannot ascend to the partnership. This means that the leadership of these law firms (or, actually, businesses) is made up entirely of people who areContinue reading “Screaming for billable hours”

I’m catastophizing

Those are some powerful words that I work to teach many of my clients. They’re powerful because they can take you out of the spin of anxiety and depression and help you to step back and see how the worst thoughts you have are not necessarily the only or most likely thoughts to be trueContinue reading “I’m catastophizing”

Frustration and tolerance

I wanted to shift things around on my homepage today and found myself lost in a morass of competing prompts and confusing directions. It’s still not how I want it to look. Do you ever find yourself setting out to do “one quick thing” before settling in to do what you actually wanted to accomplishContinue reading “Frustration and tolerance”

A great big beautiful tomorrow???

I am jonesing bad for a trip to Disney World. We had a trip planned for Spring Break this year – three days/nights at Universal Orlando and then 4 days/nights at Disney World. We were pretty excited. That trip was canceled two days before we would have left due to COVID. We knew it wasContinue reading “A great big beautiful tomorrow???”