How to make the girls alright?

I’ve been thinking about the things we tell girls about their place in the world. About the beliefs that girls have about themselves and their worth. Mostly I’ve been thinking this because as a mother of two (!!) teen/tween daughters, I am confronted every day with doubts about what they need to learn and howContinue reading “How to make the girls alright?”

Collective trauma

I wrote yesterday about the things that clients often say and I felt worried after I finished it about how frustrated the tone was. I wasn’t even aware of how frustrated and tired I was feeling. I took a nap yesterday afternoon after I finished with clients and I slept for two hours. Hard. That’sContinue reading “Collective trauma”

Therapist thoughts…

There are certain things that therapists hear from significant numbers of their clients. I’m not arguing that clients are all experiencing the same things or that they even mean the same things when they say the same words. As a therapist, it’s my job to meet clients where they are and to take them atContinue reading “Therapist thoughts…”

Sandpipers among the waves

Our family has just returned from our one week vacation from the four walls of our house. I was reminded how much a change of scenery can jar you out of your established routine and force attention on small actions and activities. Even if that change of scenery is mostly just a different house forContinue reading “Sandpipers among the waves”

Mental Health and Policing

I’m putting up front that I’m talking about police and mental health specifically here, I’m not getting into systemic racism and violence. Nor am I reaching the militarization of police departments leading to over-reactions to protest and ordinary acts of civil disobedience. Those are topics for another time. As a trainee counselor, I was soContinue reading “Mental Health and Policing”

Shame and uncertainty

I watched that video of the interaction in Central Park between a man politely asking a woman to put her dog on a leash and her extraordinarily inappropriate and dangerous over-reaction and thought of one thing. Shame. I watch videos of grown people throwing tantrums in grocery stores about being asked to wear a mask.Continue reading “Shame and uncertainty”

Cognitive Dissonance in the age of COVID

I’m wondering how everyone is handling the incredible rise in COVID-19 cases in this country. We live in Texas, home to one of the worst areas of community spread currently in the country or the world. We’re facing a fall where our children cannot go back to school. Where we cannot resume social interactions forContinue reading “Cognitive Dissonance in the age of COVID”

How I learned to stop worrying and love Tiana’s Splash Mountain

I have not been a person historically comfortable with change. I don’t think this makes me particularly unique amongst human beings as we are generally not comfortable with change. But, the mere thought of change has generally sent me into an emotional state and caused such distress that I am unwilling and unable to putContinue reading “How I learned to stop worrying and love Tiana’s Splash Mountain”