Shame and uncertainty

I watched that video of the interaction in Central Park between a man politely asking a woman to put her dog on a leash and her extraordinarily inappropriate and dangerous over-reaction and thought of one thing. Shame. I watch videos of grown people throwing tantrums in grocery stores about being asked to wear a mask.Continue reading “Shame and uncertainty”

Certainly uncertain

Uncertainty is uncomfortable for human beings. I think we like to know what’s going to happen. To be certain of what to expect and when to expect it. The unfortunate reality is that life ISN’T certain. A fact which makes me and many of my clients uncomfortable. I remember thinking a lot last year aboutContinue reading “Certainly uncertain”


“Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.” Voltaire I have never liked roller coasters. On my first visit to Disney World, my parents and I waited for 2 hours to ride Space Mountain. I was around 10. I stood there, palms sweaty, heart beat racing. Ready to ride. Completely terrified. WhenContinue reading “Uncertainty”