Meeting people where they are

We have two children. Both girls, turning 10 and 12. To protect their privacy, I’ll call them number 71 (for my younger one, the soccer player) and the dancer (my big girl, starting seventh grade, with all of the drama and glory that goes along with it). They have been a lesson in reality acceptanceContinue reading “Meeting people where they are”


It’s 100 degrees and here I sit, next to the city landfill, watching the turkey buzzards circle in the blinding blue sky. The things we do for our children. Seven hours outside (with a short break for lunch at a TGI Fridays) spent watching my daughter’s team lose multiple soccer games – some in spectacularContinue reading “One-mindfulness”

Hearing Yourself

It can be hard to hear yourself – your thoughts and emotions – and to really accept what it is that you hear them say. There is a cacophonous chorus in everyone’s head, making it so hard to single out that one tiny voice belonging to yourself. Voices merge until we believe they are allContinue reading “Hearing Yourself”